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Overwrite existing file

Tutorials > Overwrite Existing File
During the conversion, if the existing filename is the same as the converted video filename, it will overwrite the old file automatically. In order to prevent Videozilla from automatically replace the old file:
Double click on Videozilla.exe
The How to Use Videozilla dialog form will appear.
Click on Options button.
The Options dialog form will be loaded.
Check the checkbox "Prompt for overwrite existing files"
Click on OK button once the checkbox is checked
Once the option is set, Videozilla will perform a checking before overwriting the old file. If the old file is found, a message box will prompt asking for confirmation before overwriting the old file.
Yes - Overwrite the current file
Yes to All - Overwrite all existing files
Save As - Provide a new filename
Skip - Never overwrite this file
Skip - Never overwrite all existing files
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