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Top Ten Frequently Asked Questions: Videozilla Tutorials:
1. The menu options are greyed out after selected a video file?
2. The right-click menu still show on the windows explorer after the uninstallation?
3. I received "Video not supported" message?
4. I would like to request refund of my purchase. Where can I learn more about the refund procedure?
5. The program still in trial mode after installing registered version?
6. Where can I find audio/video codecs?
7. Where can I download a manual for command-line?
8. How do i receive upgrade?
9. Why can't I convert SWF as input format?
10. What will happen after I send in order?
1. How to use Videozilla
2. Supported Formats
3. Command-Line Manual
4. How to reduce AVI size
5. Codecs Guide
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